Greece: Paternity Leave

Original title : Paternity Leave – Greece

Every working father is entitled to fourteen (14) working days of paternity leave which is granted upon the birth of the child. Employers are required to grant the paternity leave regardless of the employee’s previous employment, seniority, marital or family status. The leave may be granted in whole or in part according to the employee's request as follows: a) the employee receives two (2) days of leave before the expected date of delivery, in order to cover the needs associated with pregnancy and delivery, in which case, the remaining twelve (12) days are granted, in whole or in part, within thirty (30) days from the date of birth or b) the total number of leave days (14) is granted after the date of birth.

The employee informs the employer about the expected day of delivery, as soon as possible. The employer can be notified verbally, in writing, electronically, or in any other way that serves the parties.

In case of adoption or fostering of a child, up to eight (8) years of age, paternity leave is granted when the child joins the family.

The leave is not increased due to the birth of twins, triplets or more multiple children.