360 HR Support & Consulting

From the moment an offer is made to your best candidate, we will start the onboarding on the spot. We will inform the new joiners about your company's policies and benefits and will prepare and execute for you all the paperwork needed to conclude the recruitment while always remaining compliant.

We also offer the same support when it comes to engage in an offboarding process. If an employee parts ways with your organization, we will be providing a legal, compliant, easy and stress free-exit process. We will be drafting the relevant paperwork and will be liaising with the authorities on your behalf.

We will

come up with

the best benefits propositions

You might want to offer extra benefits to your employees. For instance, what about a sport subscription? We will do the local research for you, come up with various propositions based on your requirements, and also give you a clear and detailed report regarding the impact on the taxes for you, and your employees.